Working group 3

Working Group 3: Environment, climate change and energy security

Working Group “Environment, climate change and energy security” deals with the main issues on the agenda of EaP Thematic Platform 3. It is also involved in the Panel on Environment and Climate Change under Platform 2.

The Working Group has approximately 25 member and is open to participation of colleagues from Working Group 2 “Economic integration and convergence with EU policies”, as both Working Groups (and respective Thematic Platforms) deal with sustainability issues such as Green Economy.
During the first year of existence, WG 3 members have been invited to participate as guests in one Platform 3 meeting for a thirty minute time slot and in one meeting of the Panel on Environment and Climate Change for the whole one-day session. The Group met for the first time at the EaP CSF meeting in November 2009 and had a one day working session in Brussels in September 2010.

Aims of Working Group

At the Working Group meeting in November 2009, the following content related aims were agreed:
a. Energy security and climate change:
Shape a complex integrated sustainable energy policy for the EaP region, which takes into account national interests and aims to improve environmental protection (incl. biodiversity), energy efficiency, as well as the capacity to face climate change and to mitigate dependency on energy imports or on one energy carrier.
b. Environment, biodiversity, and agriculture:
Support the integration of environmental aspects into all national policies of EaP countries (e.g. industry, transport, regional development, budget, (organic) agriculture, forestry, EU acquisition compliance, in particular through promotion of Strategic Environmental Assessment
c. Information, education, capacity building, and awareness raising:
Implement the principles of education for sustainable development in national educational systems, promote the transfer of knowledge from EU to EaP countries, and conduct a broad public awareness raising campaign on energy efficiency and renewable energies