Members of Platform
Member organisations Year 2012:
  1. Association "Atinati"
  2. Association "Green Wave" 
  3. Association DEA for Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children
  4. Association "MERKURI"
  5. Association of Business Consulting Organisations "ABCO Georgia" 
  6. Association of Youth Journalists “New Vision”
  7. Association European Studies for the Innovative Development of Georgia
  8. Association for Bio-Farming "Elkana" 
  9. Association for the efficient use of the Georgian energy resources
  10. Association for the Farmers' Rights Defence 
  11. Association “Justice and Freedom” 
  12. Association "Woman and Business" 
  13. British Council Georgia 
  14. Caucasian House Georgia 
  15. Caucasian University Women 
  16. Caucasus Environmental NGO network (CENN)
  17. Caucasus Institute for Economic and Social Research 
  18. Center for Environmental Law 
  19. Centre for the Research of Religions 
  20. Civic Development Institute 
  21. Civil Society development Institute – Kvemo Kartli 
  22. Civil Society Institute 
  23. Coalition for IDP rights 
  24. Coalition Homecare Georgia 
  25. Community Foundation GENIUS LOCI 
  26. Cultural-Humanitarian Fund "Sukhumi” 
  27. Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC)
  28. Energy Efficiency Centre  
  29. Energy Efficiency Foundation 
  30. ERI - Union for the Protection of Socially Unsecure and Poor Families 
  31. Eurasia Partnership Foundation  
  32. Europe House Georgia 
  33. European Centre for Minority Issues 
  34. European Initiative - Liberal Academy Tbilisi 
  35. European Integration Forum - Civic Dialogue and Consulting 
  36. European Youth Parliament - Georgia
  37. Foundation “Caucasus Environment”
  38. Foundation ”Multi- Ethnic Resource Centre on Civic Education Development”
  39. Foundation for Media Development 
  40. Free Development and rights protection Association
  41. Free University Center for Fundamental and Scientific Research    
  42. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 
  43. Georgia Press Association 
  44. Georgian – Armenians Union  “Nor Serundi” (New generation)
  45. Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters
  46. Georgian Civil Development Association 
  47. Georgian Civil Society for the Man Rights and Freedoms
  48. Georgian Employers' Association 
  49. Georgian Federation of Consumers  
  50. Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies 
  51. Georgian Red Cross Society 
  52. Georgian Trade Union Confederation 
  53. Georgian Young Lawyers' Association 
  54. Gori Information Center 
  55. Green Alternative 
  56. Healthy World
  57. Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office
  58. Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Georgian National Committee
  59. Human Rights Centre 
  60. IDP Association "Consent" 
  61. Inclusive Foundation (LGBT Georgia)
  62. Institute for Policy Studies 
  63. Institute for the study of nationalism and conflict 
  64. Institute of Democracy 
  65. International Business and Economic Development Centre
  66. International Center for Advancement of Research, Technology & Innovation (ICARTI)
  67. International Center for Civic Culture 
  68. International Center of Geopolitical research
  69. International Center on Conflict and Negotiation 
  70. International Foundation "LEA"
  71. International Fund of Sustainable Development
  72. International Organization of Human Rights protection and Prisoners social welfare 
  73. International Society "Caucasian Mosaic" 
  74. International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy 
  75. Levan Mikeladze Foundation 
  76. Local Democracy Agency
  77. New Economic School - Georgia 
  78. New Technologies and Environment
  79. Open Society Georgia Foundation 
  80. Oxfam Great Britain, Georgia Programme 
  81. Peaceful and Business Caucasus 
  82. Public Advocacy 
  83. Repatriates' Union 
  84. Student Youth Council Guria 
  85. Studio "Re"  
  86. Teachers' Union "Education and Universe" 
  87. The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development 
  88. The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia 
  89. The European Law Students' Association (ELSA)
  90. The Greens Movement of Georgia
  91. Transparency International Georgia 
  92. UN Association of Georgia 
  93. Union "Article 42 of the Constitution"
  94. Union "Borjghalo"
  95. Union "Ecotech" 
  96. United Public Movement "Multinational Georgia" 
  97. "Women Enterprise" Fund Gerorgia 
  98. Women's Fund in Georgia
  99. Women's Initiatives supporting Group
  100. World Experience for Georgia 
  101. Youth Alternative
  102. Youth Association "Droni"
  103. Youth center - Georgia    
  104. Youth Centre for Democracy Development         
Associated members of Platform
  1. IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of Nature Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus  
  2. Institute for Democratic Changes

Organizations have their platform membership temporarily suspended
  1. Institute for European Studies, Tbilisi State University