The CSF is an active forum with over 200 participants facilitated by a Steering Committee of 17 people.

The CSF contributes to the goals of the Eastern Partnership by:

·       Participating in the exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices

·       Providing advice and proposals to the platforms

·       Monitoring and assessing the Platform activities

·                  Providing written opinions and positions for consideration in the relevant thematic Platforms and/or ministerial meetings

·        Attending, through a selection of representatives and upon invitation, the meetings of Platforms, ministerial meetings and EaP Summits

·      Sharing experience of the European integration process with EaP countries

·      Communicating the goals and projects of EaP to general public of EaP

Meeting Schedule

The EaP CSF holds a conference at least once a year.  
It has been decided at the thematic platform meetings that Civil Society Forum representatives will be invited to the governmental meetings on an ad-hoc basis.

So far the CSF representatives have been invited to one round of platform meetings and to several expert panels.