Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprises of 17 people. The current committee was elected by the participants at the second Civil Society Forum in November 2010 in Brelin. An independent body, it has representatives from each working group, the EU and the EaP countries.

Structure of the Steering Committee

The committee is structured as follows:

·               Each working group elects two representatives, one person from the EU and one from EaP partner countries

·               Each EaP country elects a representative to become the country facilitator

·               Three representatives from the EU.

The Steering Committee is selected on annual basis, the selection takes place during the annual meeting of the Forum.

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members all act on a voluntary basis. The Steering Committee have a number of responsibilities:

1.      Participation at thematic Platform meetings, where possible

2.      Participation in or selection of the CSF’s representatives for all panel/seminar meetings where the CSF is invited

3.      Regular communication with country groups and thematic working groups

4.      Creation of concepts on CSF development

5.      Development of procedures to choose participants for the next CSF meeting

6.      Regular sharing of information within the CSF and with broader stakeholder community

7.      Lobbying activities to raise awareness of the values of the EaP CSF and promote its ideas