Creation of the National CSF EaP platform in Ukraine is well underway. The National Platform structure is in discussions in order to make the platform a strong and active platform.

At the moment, existing pro-European platforms and groups in the country are examining ways to restructure their work to take into account the four EaP thematic platforms and fulfill the role of the CSF National platform.

Throughout 2010, Ukrainian members of CSF focused on practical work in all four working groups inside and outside of the country. Their main areas of activity were:

  • Visa free regime research, study and promotion.
  • Energy security and efficiency
  • Environment
  • Public administration reform

Members of the CSF initiated the internship program for NGO leaders from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Belarus. 20 leaders used the opportunity to spend 2-3 weeks with the NGO partners in the other countries to study the available experience and plan the future joint activities.

Ukrainian NGOs started a project of public monitoring of EU-Ukraine Association Agenda. Two reports on the progress of AA were released.