EaP Institutions

The multilateral track of the Eastern Partnership operates on a number of levels. The highest one takes the form of summits of heads of states & governments of the EU member states and the partner states.

The next level takes form of meetings of foreign ministers and occasionally other ministers. The multilateral thematic platforms of senior officials working on specific sector areas devise ways to boost regional co-operation in the EaP area and launch specific multilateral projects.

The work of the officials is monitored and informed by the EaP Civil Society Forum, whose primary aim is to develop links between civil societies of the EU and the partner states, and to promote the participation of civil society in their countries’ public life.

The 'Euronest' parliamentary assembly also monitors the work of other EaP bodies, and acts as a forum for dialogue between the members of the European Parliament and the representatives of the partner states' parliaments. Third countries who wish to support EaP can join the informal Group of Friends of the Eastern Partnership, and take part in specific projects on an ad hoc basis.